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Colds and allergies have many of the same symptoms, but there are differences between the conditions. Colds are the result of a virus, while allergies are the body’s physical reactions to airborne particles called “allergens” that you inhale.


People with allergies may develop symptoms which usually include sneezing and runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, or scratchy throat. Cold symptoms are often the same. One difference is that the nasal discharge from a cold tends to be thicker and yellow or green while an allergic discharge is usually thinner and clear.


Allergies can last a week, a month, or can even continue all year long. Sneezing and runny nose occur the first day of a cold and usually last about a week.


Some of the most common allergens such as house dust, dander on the fur of cats and dogs, or mold spores circulate in the air throughout the year. Other allergens such as pollen from grasses, weeds, or trees are seasonal.


Dr. O’Quinn will help determine whether you have a cold or an allergy and the treatment options available for you.

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Do you have a cold or an allergy?

Allergy testing and treatment

If you experience frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, drainage in the back of the throat, runny nose, irritated eyes, or chronic fatigue, you may be a candidate for allergy evaluation and treatment.


The test most commonly utilized in our office is Serial Endpoint Titration (S.E.T) or otherwise known as skin testing. This test usually takes about 2 hours. In some cases, however, especially in small children, we use a simple and more easily tolerated test that does not involve needles. Food allergies are also addressed.


With either test, you will have your results before you leave our office. After testing, you may be advised to undergo allergy treatment with weekly shots.

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